Prior to 2011, the courts in Arsenal Park at 46th Street & Haverford Avenue were neglected tennis courts covered with broken glass, acorns, walnuts, leaves, and sticks.  When Indianapolis Bicycle Polo realized that there were tennis courts in South Broad Ripple not being used for tennis, we jumped at the opportunity to have a regular place to play.  Before that, our regular pick-up location was a filthy parking lot under the I-65 Bridge at 12th and Alabama.  It was truly a testament to the dedication of the players to keep coming back week after week since every time we played we got covered in grime and dirt that collected at that spot.  I'm pretty sure someone also got AIDS but they never fessed up.

Early last year, Indy Parks finally gave us the green light to begin the transformation of the courts from tennis to bicycle polo.  After two years of planning, one year of building, over $4,000 of our own money, pools sweat and blood, and one hell of a combined effort from all our players and a handful of supportive organizations, we can finally say it is done.  Now Indianapolis is one of the few polo clubs in the country, if not the only one that has built their own side-by-side courts with the full backing of their city’s parks department.

Since nothing great is ever done alone, there are some individuals, businesses and organizations we need to thank for their cooperation and support in our endeavor. 

First of all, thank you, Sheryl Richardson from Indy Parks for all your support, advice and communication early on.  Thank you, Allen McClendon, also from Indy Parks, for all the help you have given us and continue to give.  Thank you, Andre Denman, Cathy Marx, and everyone else from Indy Parks for the court and your continued support for bicycle amenities.  THank you also, for resurfacing the court and striping it to our specifications.  Without Indy Parks backing us up and giving us this court in such a beautiful park, we probably wouldn't be anywhere near the club we are today.

Thank you, Caroline Farrar from Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association for your support and advice.

Thank you, Monon-Keystone Neighborhood Partnership for supporting us in your neighborhood.

Thank you, Indianapolis Police Department and the Indiana Conservation Officers who put their lives on the line daily to make sure the parks and neighborhoods are safe for everyone.
Thank you, DPW for repaving Havorford and the parking lot in front of the court.

Thank you, Ben Hunt, Christopher Newgent, Oran Sands, Kevin Whited, and everyone else at INDYCOG for your support, advocacy for bicycling in Indianapolis, money, and all the public announcements and posts you have put up on your website.

Thank you, Jim Poyser and everyone at NUVO for your donations and the articles you have written about our club.

Thank you, BF&S for letting us use your printers, computers, video projectors, paper, office, employees, money, and programs to make our promotional material.

Thank you, Joanna Taft at the Harrison Center for being such a strong advocate early on.  We had some crazy as hell fantastic times playing in the gym for First Friday.
Thank you Scott Dunwoody at DG  Bikes on the Monon for all your support, merchandise for prizes and pinatas, and for letting us use the bikes for Goldsprints.
Thank you, Tyler and Poose at The Bicycle Exchange for your support, and for increasing our ranks.
Thanks to Scott Irons at Indy Cycle Specialist for your support and sponsorship.
Thank you Joe of Joe's Cycles for your support.
Thank you, Chris Graven at CG Homes for all the work you put into building the courts and for the tools to do it.

Thank you, Green Bean Delivery for your donation of 70+ pallets to frame our walls.

Thank you, People for Urban Progress for the fabric to wrap the fence that now hides the unsightly pallets.

Thank you, Lowes Home Improvement for all the discounts.

Thank you, Lou and the rest of the gang at SoBro Futsal for your contributions and physical labor.
Thank you, Jim (Neals's father-in-law) for building our first set of goals.

Thank you, neighbors of Haverford Avenue who put up with our antics a minimum of 3 nights a week for your kind support and encouragement.  Please feel free to come over anytime, and don't ever hesitate to let us know if we are being too crazy.

Thank you, Mark Zuckerburg for creating Facebook, and thank you, Al Gore for the internet.  Your contributions to modern society will never be fully realized.

Thank you, Matty Bennett and Brandon Fox at National Moto & Cycle for your support.
Thank you, Indy Bike for letting us stink up your shop during Goldspints.

Thank you, Indiana Bicycle Polo Cooperative, all the players from this great state, The League of Bike Polo, and everyone who has played in Indianapolis or came out to hang with us since 2009.  This is, above all, for you.

Lastly, thank you, all our wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, children, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends for your love, encouragement, and support.  We really could not have done this without you.
Now, let's use this thing.  Street hockey and soccer folks are invited too.