There are few courtesies we kindly ask that you observe:

  • If you drive to the courts, please do not park on the grass. There is limited parking on the asphalt lot, but you can also park along the gravel shoulder of Haverford Ave.  If you park on the grass, a park ranger will show up and make you move.

  • There is an automatic $50 fine if The Man catches you drinking in the park.

  • Please do not bring glass to the courts.  Kids have a tendency to find the bottles and break them on our courts.

  • Put all of your trash in the trash cans. Let’s keep the park clean.

  • Helmets are MANDATORY even for pick-up. Always wear a helmet while on the court.

  • There are no carry-out alcohol sales in Indiana on Sundays. Buy your consumables on Saturday or be up Shit Creek

Arsenal Park Polo Courts are located at the corner of 46th Street and Haverford Avenue. The park has a spray ground, restroom, thick grass, and large shade trees making it one of the best places in the world to play polo. 46th Street, which runs east and west, has bike lanes on both sides and connects directly to the Monon Trail two blocks west of the courts making it very easy and safe to ride to the courts.

Here’s a map of the park including the way to the places you want to go. If you look just west of the park, you can see the Monon Trail. If you go north, you get to Broad Ripple where there are even more such as The Broad RIpple Brew Pub, which is a fine sponsor of Indy Bike Polo.

If you go south on the Monon, you’ll get to downtown in about 20 minutes by polo bike. The trail dumps you off at the north end of the Cultural Trail in an area called Mass Ave.

There is a CVS Pharmacy two stop lights East of the park on 46th Street.  A bike lane will take you all the way there.  CVS sells only warm beer.

At the Corner of College Avenue and 49th Street, Upland Brewery has a local beer tasting room. There is also a Little Caesars Pizza, The Bottle Shop Liquor Store, a dry cleaner if you need your business suit or Sunday’s finest cleaned; a vet , and a kick-ass restaurant that blasts heavy metal, has a huge selection of beer, including $2 PBR tall boys.  It’s called the Sinking Ship and it’s worth your time.